March 5, 2018

Earning 3% APY with Your Max Checking Account Just Got Easier!

One of the requirements of Max Checking is to use your debit card at least 10 times throughout the month to earn the 3% APY†. Now you can use your Max Rewards or Prime Platinum credit card to meet this requirement!
To switch to using your credit card, log in to Online Banking and follow the steps below:
  • Step #1 - Click on the “Max Checking Status” link
  • Step #2 - Under the “Requirements” section, select which card you want to count towards the requirement
  • Make your selection and you’re done!
If you’d like to continue to use your debit card, then you’re all set! No steps required. The 10 transactions requirement can be met by your debit or credit card but not both.

Don’t have an LMCU credit card? Apply today by visiting or stopping by any local branch!

†APY = Annual Percentage Yield


DanielOutsObama2012 said...

What is the incentive for using the card? I use Bank America rewards give me cash back, 1%, 2% 3% depending on gas, grocery, or whatever, I get as much as 100 a month from the use of that card. Daniel Townsend

LMCU said...

Our Max Rewards VISA Signature Card gives you cash back of 3% for gas, (up to $500 per month) 2% for groceries AND restaurants and 1% for everything else. PLUS, you can earn 3% APY on the savings in your Max Checking account.

crolyn said...

If I use the LMCU credit card for the 10 transactions, does it deduct those amounts from my savings account, or am I free to pay the total charges made using another account?

LMCU said...

The deductions will come from the card you use. This just gives you the opportunity to select either the Debit/ATM card or one of our credit cards to fulfill the 10 transactions a month requirement in Max Checking.

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