January 2, 2018

New Investment Platform Available For Your HSA Funds.

Did you know you can invest a portion of your Health Savings Account balance in stocks, bonds and mutual funds? With LMCU’s HSA investment platform, you can reap the benefits of investing while saving for future medical expenses.

How our HSA investment platform works
You can invest a portion of your HSA dollars in a variety of widely recognized mutual funds covering a spectrum of asset classes. This gives you the potential to grow your HSA balance tax free if you spend it on qualified medical expenses and tax deferred if you withdraw it after age 65 without a qualified medical expense.

Total control
You have complete control over how much money you invest, when you invest, and which funds you choose to invest in. If investing is new to you, you can use built-in planning and management tools that take the guess-work out of investment choices.

Anytime access
If you carry a significant HSA balance, anything over $1,000 can be invested as you see fit. You can transfer money from your investment account back to your base HSA account at any time, to pay for health care needs for you and your dependents. This option offers total liquidity, unlike CDs and many investment accounts.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!