July 26, 2017

Working With A Financial Advisor

Regardless of your level of investment experience, you can likely benefit from drawing on the expertise of a financial advisor with Lake Michigan Investment Services. Our qualified financial advisors are trained to analyze your personal situation and design a program that addresses your unique financial goals and objectives.

Getting Started 
At your first meeting, your advisor will work with you to help identify your financial needs and goals. Your advisor will ask the right questions to help determine what your goals really are, even if you aren’t quite sure yourself.
You’ll need to gather some information and documents. These may include docs like wills, insurance policies, pension information and investment account statements. You should also be prepared to discuss the following questions:

  • Retirement - When do you plan to retire? What is your expected lifestyle? Do you have retirement savings? 
  • Income and savings - What is your current income and rate of savings? Do you expect a change in jobs, perhaps leaving a job to stay home with children, or starting your own business? 
  • College - Do you plan to help fund your children’s education? 
  • Disasters - If you lost your job, had a serious accident, or developed a serious illness, would you be prepared financially? 
  • Estate planning - Do you have a will? Have you considered all the tax implications?
Your advisor will then create a plan and review it with you. At a minimum, the plan may include making sure specific short and long-term goals are covered, that you have sufficient insurance, and have cash reserves on hand to meet unexpected needs.

Taking Charge A professional LMIS financial advisor will help identify your planning goals and create a plan designed to achieve them. In the years to come, your advisor might also become a trusted friend and confidant. Together, you can work toward creating and implementing a financial plan that works for you.

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