June 29, 2017

Changes Are Coming To Your LMCU Credit Cards August 21, 2017

If you have an LMCU Visa credit card – Max Rewards, Prime Platinum or Loan Rebate –You’ll be receiving new card(s) by mail starting in July.

Why? Because we’re working hard to revamp and improve our credit card processing system! August 21 is the change-over date, and you’ll need to be aware of some changes that will affect your card use:

  1. Your new card(s) will have a different card number.
  2. Your existing card(s) will work until Monday, August 21, then will become deactivated
  3. You can activate your new card(s) in advance, but won’t become usable until August 21

Questions or concerns? Call (800) 242-9790 x9915 or visit LMCU.org/CreditCards