June 27, 2016

And the winner is...

The dust has finally cleared.  After two months and over 353,000 entries, we have a winner!

Congratulations to our winner, Anita Erickson of Cascade Township, Michigan!

Anita is a loyal and long-time LMCU member (since 1999), and has been entering our $25,000 Home Makeover Giveaway since it all began four years ago. In fact, she entered “pretty much every day
this year.” Anita is a social worker for Care Plus TLC and calls our 28th Street & Kraft branch office
location home.

“When Sandy Jelinski (LMCU CEO and President) called to let me know I won, I didn’t believe her. It took some convincing! I’m so blessed to win this... it still doesn’t seem real!”

Anita plans to do some home fix-ups, like a new microwave, refrigerator and some bathroom remodeling work. “I had also just purchased a new car recently, so I guess it’s paid off now!” So….congratulations Anita! It’s all been great fun!


Elena Gheorghiu said...

Congrats! :) I'm bummed I didn't win, I sure could of used it! Maybe next time.

M H said...

Way to go Anita.
Proud for you !!!

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