May 25, 2016

Investments, it’s all about trust

For many, choosing a financial advisor can be a unnerving process. Sound investing is complicated and requires a complete understanding of market forces and available products – an understanding that most simply don’t have. You need to know that your advisor is working exclusively on your behalf and has mastered the tools required to help you reach your goals.

As a LMCU member, you already know that we’re your ally. Lake Michigan Investment Services is a division of LMCU that partners with LPL Financial, one of the nation’s top independent broker- dealers. LMIS advisors are certified by LPL Financial and tap into their suite of products, capabilities, research and analytics.

What makes LMIS different?
For starters, we use a business model that’s rather different from traditional investment banking firms, with no inventory of products. Our own liquidity isn’t directly tied to security values. And because we have no proprietary products, you can be certain that investment guidance and recommendations are free from bias and conflicts of interest. Industry- leading, independent research also means that your LMIS advisor will always have access to the latest insights and information. Superior technology and ongoing training provide LMIS consultants with the tools and experience to help you realize your goals.

Contact LMIS by going online to, or call (616) 234-6524 for a free, no obligation financial review of your portfolio.