April 29, 2016

Announcing our 2015-16 Hutt Scholarship winners

This year’s entry period netted 538 essays, just one short of our record reached in 2014. Entries came in from 16 states!

Each of our ten winners received a $2,000 scholarship to be used for any post-secondary educational needs. An awards banquet was held Wednesday, April 27, honoring this year’s winners.

Congratulations to the following seniors: 
  • Julia Belke, Jenison H.S.
  • Caitlin Casapao, Rockford H.S.
  • Natalie Coaster, Byron Center H.S.
  • Tyler DeVos, Caledonia H.S.
  • Mason Humphrey, Byron Center H.S.
  • Kendra Kunst, Calvin Christian H.S.
  • Lillian Lemkuil, Holland Christian H.S.
  • Kelli LeSarge, Rockford H.S.
  • Allyson Marvel, Cedar Springs H.S.
  • Natalie Nye, Byron Center H.S.

Left to right:
Allyson Marvel, Kelli LeSarge, Kendra Kunst, Lillian Lemkuil, Natalie Nye, Julia Belke, Mason Humphrey, Caitlin Casapao, Natalie Coaster, Tyler DeVos