February 25, 2016

Save the Dates!

April 16 in Grand Rapids; April 23 in Portage

Bring your sensitive documents (like old tax returns and bank statements) to LMCU’s annual Shred Your Stuff Day for secure disposal. Stay tuned to next month’s LMCU News for further details.


mlbind said...

How about Traverse City? We would appreciate it!

LMCU said...

Thanks for your comment. We will pass it on to our team that coordinates the Shred-Your-Stuff Days.

Molly Schief said...

Anything planned for Holland?

LMCU said...

Nothing at this point Molly. We do one in Grand Rapids and one in Kalamazoo because of the large number of branches we have in each city. I will pass this on to the team and as we grow, we'll see where additional sites make sense.

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