December 22, 2015

Great time to buy, refinance or build!

We continue to experience near-historic low mortgage rates, even given the recent rate increase. It’s still an exceptionally good time to buy, build or refinance. But it also drives the point home that things won’t stay this way forever. It’s a notice to anyone looking to purchase a new home, refinance or build anew that sooner is better than later.

How to get your lowest rate
If you’re planning to buy a new home in the near future, it makes sense to get pre-approved before you go looking. It’s a signal to sellers that you’re a serious, vetted buyer. Being pre-approved allows to you act more quickly, and lock into these still-low rates as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to build, it’s always a good practice to secure financing pre-approval before you begin working with a builder. Even though it might be spring before you break ground, pre-approval shows a builder you’re ready to go right now.

If you’re refinancing, there absolutely is no time like the present. The trend is indeed upward, but you still have the opportunity to lock in on very attractive rates and terms.

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