October 27, 2015

Trusting in the future begins with trust in the present

Unless they’re investment pros themselves, most people lack the knowledge and insight to make the best investment decisions. And it’s easy to understand why. Investments are complex matters. Most of us are pretty good at earning money, but knowing what to do with it is another challenge altogether.

The knowledgeable, experienced pros at Lake Michigan Investment Services (LMIS) offer clear, unbiased guidance, driven by your needs and goals. They offer no proprietary ‘must-use’ investment vehicles as part of your investment mix. As a division of Lake Michigan Credit Union, LMIS shares the same corporate philosophy you’ve come to know and appreciate – “always do right by our members.”

There is no more direct path to financial peace of mind than knowing your money is working as hard as it possibly can on your behalf. Contact LMIS for a free investment and portfolio review at
(616) 234-6524, or go online to lmcu.org/investments.