January 29, 2015

Roll over your previous employer 401K plan for peak performance

Having a 401K retirement account with your employer is a valuable benefit. These programs usually feature easy, professional, turn-key retirement guidance for as long as you remain with your employer. Even though you still own the account, once you’ve left for greener pastures you’ll no longer have access to the professional guidance that makes a 401K plan such a great benefit to begin with. You’re basically left with just an account, but no expertise to help steer it.

If you have a 401K plan with a previous employer, seek out an independent advisor you can work with. Lake Michigan Investment Services has accredited certified retirement
planning counselors to help make sure your retirement assets continue to
work as hard as you do. Schedule your appointment with us today by calling
(616 or 800) 242-9790 ext. 6301 or go online at LMCU.org/Investments