October 27, 2014

We’ve hit a major milestone!

Virtual Branch roll-out and 300,000th member!

We are pleased to announce, LMCU hit the 300,000 member mark in October! This is remarkable on so many levels. It took us 72 years to reach 100,000, then another 7 years to reach 200,000. The intervals are shrinking as we grow, and the last 100,000 members will only have taken us under 4 years to reach. Our December newsletter will introduce you to our 300,000th member. Thank you for your continued support as we grow and expand across the state. So many of our new members have come to us through your positive word of mouth.

Another milestone sure to speed our membership growth is the test launch of our new enhanced virtual branch online banking feature – LMCU Anywhere.

Now, anyone with an internet connection is able to join in the country. We’re currently test-marketing certain features of LMCU Anywhere in several Michigan communities and college campuses.

LMCU Anywhere allows our members to do pretty much anything they could otherwise do at a branch location. They can open savings and checking accounts, and even apply for a mortgage or personal loan.

Supported by a new, robust online banking and mobile app architecture, people everywhere can now take advantage of LMCU’s valuable benefits. It’s all very,  very exciting! As we approach these new milestones and extend LMCU’s footprint over a broader area, thank you again for your support and patronage. None of this happens without you on our side!