August 25, 2014

LMCU sells Lake Michigan Auto Center to Todd Wenzel Automotive

If you’ve driven past the Lake Michigan Auto Center (LMAC) on 32nd Avenue in Hudsonville, you know some changes are afoot. LMCU recently made the decision to sell its Auto Center to Todd Wenzel Automotive Group.

Chief Executive Officer, Sandy Jelinski, explains, “Originally, LMAC was intended as a retail outlet for our lease vehicle returns. Now that we’re no longer as focused on leasing, we felt this business segment would be better served by those who specialize in automobile retail sales. Partnering with Todd Wenzel Automotive has been a pleasure and we wish them the best of success going forward.” Wenzel’s new Pre-Owned Superstore is expected to open October 1, 2014 with 20 new employees. Nearly all of LMCU’s Auto Center employees were either hired by Wenzel Automotive or offered other positions within LMCU.

“I was delighted to partner with LMCU in this transaction,” said Todd Wenzel. “They were very professional. We enjoy a fantastic relationship and look forward to having them as our neighbor at their branch next door. To add a second location in Hudsonville is very exciting. It is a great community to do business in and now a vehicle shopping destination for all of West Michigan.”