June 25, 2014

Möllers North America

Commercial Banking Spotlight:

Möllers North America is a Grand Rapids-based manufacturing company specializing in bag and unit load handling systems. They design, manufacture and install palletizing, bagging, shrink wrapping and stretch wrapping systems worldwide. Their 100,000 sq. ft. facility, on 52nd Street near Gerald R. Ford International Airport, employs over 100 workers.

“We’ve been a successful, growing business for over 35 years,” said Möllers’ Executive Vice President, Tom Wagner. “Throughout most of that time, we maintained a long-standing relationship with a traditional banking institution. Local and accessible support with a partner that understands our banking requirements has always been our priority. We knew something needed to change.”

“A local business associate referred me directly to Mark Hoffhines, senior vice president of commercial loans, at LMCU.  Mark and his team presented a compelling plan. As we went forward, Julie Leavenworth, commercial deposit and project manager, worked closely with our accounting department to ensure a flawless transition.”

One year after converting their business banking to LMCU, Wagner likes what he’s seeing. “Our expectations have been surpassed – excellent local service we can count on, a broad product portfolio to meet our day-to-day needs, all at a fair cost of doing business. Our transition from a traditional banking institution has been seamless, and LMCU has delivered nearly a 40% reduction in service fees.”

Wagner knew that a number of Möllers’ suppliers (and several of his associates) had already established banking relationships with LMCU. “Their positive feedback was a strong validator in our decision-making process. LMCU has been a great fit for our business and our employees.”

To explore the advantages and benefits of business banking with LMCU, please contact Mark Hoffhines at (616) 234-6352, or email him by clicking here.