June 25, 2014

Jason Stursma wins $25,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes!

LMCU member Jason Stursma of Hudsonville was ecstatic when he got a call from CEO Sandy Jelinski, informing him that his was the winning entry in our $25,000 Home Makeover Giveaway! Chosen from nearly 100,000 paper and electronic entries, Jason was presented with a check on May 29, accompanied by his wife and three beautiful children.

As a young father, Jason works two jobs to make ends meet. “This is awesome! Now we can make some improvements and pay down some debt. What a blessing. Thank you LMCU!” Jason has a mortgage and savings account with LMCU, and plans to deposit that $25,000 into a new Max Checking account.

To Sandy Jelinski, presenting a check to the Sweepstakes winner has become a yearly highlight. “It’s great to have someone win who is so appreciative and has some specific needs. It’s very heartwarming to see the winnings go to someone with the challenges of raising a young family. And of course, it’s a nice plus that Jason is an LMCU member!”
Thanks to all who entered!