October 28, 2013

Make your holiday budget go further with a Max Rewards or Platinum Plus Visa card!

Max Rewards Visa
With 3%* cash back or points on gas (how much running around will you do?), 2% on groceries (holiday parties, anyone?), and 1% on everything else (Santa could always use an extra helper), Max Rewards extends your holiday buying power. Plus, new accounts get 1,000 bonus points with the first purchase!

Platinum Plus Visa
If you usually carry a monthly balance, Prime Platinum is your card. It offers a lower rate—as low as prime rate plus 3%—and no annual fee. Money magazine even rated it one of the top credit cards in the nation!**

And right now, if you open either a new Max Rewards or Platinum Plus credit card account during November or December, you’ll get an introductory 2.99% APR rate on all purchases for 12 months.*** After that, you will be charged the regular purchase APR, currently as low as 10% APR for the Max Rewards card and 6.25% APR for the Platinum Plus Visa card.

*Maximum earned on first $500 spent on gas/month, 1% after maximum is reached. **Money Magazine, October 2013. ***Excludes existing LMCU balances.