September 3, 2013

Cleaning house: Making the most of your 401(k) retirement investments

Most people typically change jobs a number of times during their careers. They often accumulate a number of 401(k) accounts, created as part of employee benefit packages. At the time, those accounts were set up based on investment goals of the day. But investment strategies need to change over time, to better reflect the accumulation of funds, vulnerability to market swings and tolerance for risk. If you have a number of 401(k) accounts from previous employers, chances are they are stagnating and no longer in tune with your current goals. That means your money isn’t working as hard, or as smartly, as it could.

Consolidation of multiple 401(k) accounts is like a thorough house cleaning for your retirement plans. Lake Michigan Investment Services advisors can help get your financial house in order.

Benefits include:
  • Less paperwork
  • Easier monitoring of investments 
  • More investment choices 
  • Asset allocation,* guidance and monitoring
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