July 1, 2013

Save money with your Max Rewards Visa card.

We all got a big shock recently when gas prices took a sharp upward climb to as much as $4.30 per gallon. And while that can hardly be good news to anyone’s wallet, at least you can put a dent in it by using your Max Rewards Visa credit card from LMCU.

The Max Rewards Visa credit card pays you back in cash or points. And 3% back on gas purchases takes a significant edge off those sky-high prices*. That’s a 13 cent break on every gallon of gas.  Grocery prices are up too, but Max Rewards gives you unlimited 2% back on those purchases as well, plus 1% back on everything else. It’s like having a coupon book for everything, right there in your wallet.

Visit any LMCU branch today, or call (616) 242-9790 to apply for a Max Rewards Visa credit card!

*Maximum earned on first $500 spent on gas/month, 1% after maximum is reached. Based on $4.30 per gallon.