May 28, 2013

Warning: Graduation Zone Ahead!

Graduation open house signs will soon be popping up like orange road construction cones, as high school seniors celebrate their passage and prepare to head off to college in the fall. With all that celebrating though, comes a certain amount of anxiety as parents face the daunting reality of funding higher education for their kids.

But you can plan around it all with a MI 529 college savings plan with Lake Michigan Investment Services. These plans allow Michigan families to save for future college expenses, while providing significant tax advantages. With plans of this type, you can smooth out a lot of speed bumps and avoid costly detours on the road to higher education.


  • Tax-deferred growth 
  • Federal and Michigan income tax-free distributions for qualified higher education expenses* 
  • State income tax deduction for Michigan residents* 
  • Gift and estate tax benefits 
  • Low minimum investment - $25 
  • Maintain control over assets

You don’t have to use your savings at a Michigan college or university to get the tax breaks, but the institution must be accredited.

Lake Michigan Investment Services through LPL Financial provides expert analysis and recommendations to help you reach your desired financial destination.

The signs are everywhere. Time to make a plan! To schedule an advisor appointment, contact Susan Opper at (616) 234-6301, ext 6301, or Ashley Lanting at (616) 234-6358, ext 6358.