March 26, 2013

It’s a great time to sell and a great time to buy!

Property values on the rise:

After several years of decline, west Michigan real estate values are finally climbing back up. Fresh demand for homes is driving a resurgence in property values. If you’ve wanted to sell, but have held back waiting for home prices to rebound, this is encouraging news. Mlive recently reported:

West Michigan’s housing market made a strong recovery last year, but leaders of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR) say there is still room to grow. Their biggest challenge is finding enough inventory for buyers who are eager to buy or relocate, said GRAR President Terry Westbrook. “There are buyers out there that are looking and can’t find what they want at every price range. There’s a variety of people out there looking for property across the price spectrum,” said Westbrook.

So, is it really time to sell? LMCU’s guaranteed low mortgage rates* help eager buyers secure financing. And of course, your next home will likely need a mortgage, too. With rates still near historic lows, this is a rare condition indeed.