November 29, 2012

Security tips for out-of-town travelers

Headed away from home during the holidays? Keep your home secure while traveling with a few simple tips  from Lake Michigan Insurance Agency:

• Set up interior lights on timers to make your home appear occupied.
• Lock all doors, patio sliders and windows, especially your garage service door.
• Unplug your electric garage door opener and manually look the garage door.
• Notify neighbors of your absence and ask that they monitor any activity.
• Suspend mail and newspaper delivery during your absence.
• Make prior arrangements for snow removal and sidewalk shoveling.
• Don’t announce your departure on social media.

It always pays to make sure your homeowners insurance is up to date, adequate for your needs, and covers you in the event of a break-in. Contact Lake Michigan Insurance Agency for a complete home, life and auto insurance review at (616) 643-0623.