July 2, 2012

Make sure those summer toys are properly insured!

That camper and Jet Ski need insurance too! Help ensure you get the proper coverage for your favorite summer toys with these tips from Lake Michigan Insurance Agency.

Make sure to carry adequate liability limits. A policy with very low limits could potentially be a problem in the event of a claim. If inadequate limits are set just to keep the price down, the insured may find themselves paying out of pocket in addition to the limits of insurance if the claim exceeds the liability limits that are in place on the policy. Instead of lowering liability limits, consumers may want to think about raising the deductible in order to keep their costs down.

Ask for uninsured motorists coverage on an RV. There are a number of companies that do not offer the coverage and you may not be aware of this until you have a claim.

If you are a motorcyclist, be sure that you are carrying adequate limits of insurance or you may not have any medical coverage in the event that you have an accident and are not wearing a helmet.

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