June 1, 2012

Introducing LMCU’s New and Improved Online Banking

LMCU is launching a new and improved Online Banking system to our members on Monday, June 11. The new system will feature many upgrades and enhancements, but will still be easy to use. The new layout will allow you to navigate faster, and have the option to customize your views. Some of the enhancements include:
  • New, cleaner screen designs create an overall look that is better organized and easier to use.
  • Improved navigation capabilities that allow you to search and find information quickly and easily.
  • Budgeting and personal financial management tools that allow you to set savings goals, track cash flow and see detailed income and expense tracking.
  • External transfers allow you to transfer money from an account at another financial institution into your LMCU account.
  • Live chat and secure messaging so you can get answers to your questions right away.
See an online demo of our new Online Banking experience at lmcu.org/onlinebanking

We hope you enjoy LMCU’s new and improved Online Banking. If you have any questions, please call (616 or 800) 242-9790, click on online chat or visit any of our branches.


Duane said...

Will I be able to set up automatic transfers between separate LMCU accounts? I and my son have separate accounts that I transfer money between each week.

LMCU said...

Yes Duane, you'll be able to schedule transfers among your own accounts via our transfers tab. You'll be able transfer to separate LMCU accounts through a member-to-member transfer that you will set up with the other member.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a fee for transferring money from an account at another financial institution into my LMCU account?

Anonymous said...

Now I have tried twice and can not open Home Banking. This is ridiculus - I am in a hurry and want to see my statement.

LMCU said...

Looks to be working from this end. Please call our help desk at (800 or 616)242-9790. They can look at your specific situation and help you out. Sorry about your inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

IF I set up a member-to-member account transfer agreement with my son, can he deduct money from my account as well as deposit into my account? I would only want him to be able to deposit into my savings and/or draft share. The same for me - only deposit into his account. THANK YOU for your help.


LMCU said...

Hi Rita, you are correct. You will only be able to deposit within member-to-member account transfer agreements.

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