December 1, 2011

Don’t Veer for Deer!


Car-deer crashes are a year round concern. Every year in Michigan, car-deer crashes cause thousands of serious injuries and result in millions of dollars in property damage. The single most important thing drivers can do to help avoid a car-deer crash is slow down and be aware of deer after dark. Always remember safety belts are your best defense in any collision.

Car deer crashes occur all year, but are especially prevalent during the fall mating season and during spring when deer seek out the first green grass near roads. When you see a deer on the roadway ahead, you sometimes only have a brief moment to react.

If a collision with a deer is unavoidable, remember these tips:
  • Don’t swerve!
  • Brake firmly
  • Hold onto the steering wheel
  • Stay in your own lane
Most motorist injuries occur when drivers swerve to avoid hitting the deer and strike a fixed object, like a tree, or hit another vehicle. Striking the animal is often the safest option, although not a pleasant one. If you do hit a deer, we are here to help make your claim process a smooth one. Contact Lake Michigan Insurance Agency at (616) 234-6979 or visit for all of your insurance needs.