September 30, 2011

FRAUD ALERT: Counterfeit Money Orders

Currently there are many fraudulent Postal and MoneyGram money orders being passed in the area. Make sure you are not a victim of fraud by verifying the following security features on the check that is being given to you!

Postal Service Money Orders
  • Check that the amount does not exceed the legal limit: $1,000 for domestic and $700 for international postal money orders.
  • When held to the light, a watermark of Benjamin Franklin is repeated from top to bottom on the left side. Also, when held to the light a dark line (security thread) runs from top to bottom with the word “USPS” repeated.
  • If the money order seems suspicious call the U.S. Postal Service Money Order Verification System at (866) 459-7822.
MoneyGram Money Orders
  • The MoneyGram logo located on the front of the money order just above the account information has a heat sensitive security feature which changes from pink to white when warm.
  • If the money order seems suspicious call MoneyGram for verification at (800) 542-3590.
If you believe you may have been the victim of money order fraud and have experienced a monetary loss, you should report it to your local law enforcement agency.