April 1, 2011

Congratulations to Our 2011 Hutt Scholarship Winners!

Each winner will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship to be paid to the recipient and the educational institution in which the student is enrolled.

Rachel Johnson
- Unity Christian
Ryan Hoogmoed - Home School
Raegan Flikkema - Forest Hills Northern
Laura Frick - Hudsonville
MacKenzie Wyant - Gull Lake
Alexander Quinn - Rockford
Elyse Sholtis - Rockford
Alexa Smeby - East Grand Rapids


Anonymous said...

No applicants from urban schools (e.g., GRPS, Wyoming), only from well-off exurban districts?

LMCU said...

Thank you for your comment. We distribute to all school districts in Kent, Ottawa and Kalamazoo counties. This year we received 205 essays from 40 different schools. The judges do not see names or school districts when judging content,so they do not know where the essays originate. We try our best to get the word out to everyone in the communities we serve via school visits by all of our branch managers, radio, website, our LMCU Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter as well as in-branch signage.

Dominic said...

Thank you for providing this opportunity! Not only are the winners of the Hutt Scholarship rewarded, all students who responded with an essay honed their writing skills, participated in something larger than themselves, and were engaged in thought and dialogue. I anticipate and appreciate this each year.

Karen said...

Thank you for continuing to provide this support for local college bound students. Our son was a winning applicant years ago (from an urban-center school) and the application experience and award were both of great value. I wish more students would apply.

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