February 2, 2018

LMCU Announces 2017 Dealer Of The Year Award Winners

We help them. They help us. It’s an important relationship for us both but mostly for our members.
LMCU is proud to announce its annual Dealer of the Year award winners. Awards are based on loan volume, quality of transactions, accuracy of paperwork and commitment to positive representation of LMCU to the car-buying public. These exceptional dealerships consistently demonstrate and reflect our corporate philosophy of always doing what’s best for our members.

Congratulations to all!
Large-Sized Dealer Division | Fox Ford
Mid-Sized Dealer Division | Sparta Chevrolet
Small Dealer Division | Marv’s Car Lot
Powersports Dealer of the Year | Village MotorSports
Award of Excellence | Borgman Ford
Award of Excellence | K&M Dodge Ram
Award of Excellence | MotorMax

January 25, 2018

Just Married? Get Ready For Changes.

With your wedding out of the way and real life setting in, the consolidation of your two lives is just beginning. The effects will reverberate throughout your finances and there will be many issues you’ll need to look at closely.

Here are just a few:

  • Update the beneficiaries on your insurance policies, bank accounts, 401(k) plans, and other retirement policies
  • Name changes on credit cards, Social Security, driver’s licenses, passports, bank accounts, insurance policies, etc
  • Get on the same financial page about budgeting, debt, and your financial goals
  • Do you need life insurance? More life insurance?
  • Do you want to consolidate bank accounts?
  • Whose healthcare provides better coverage?
  • Do you need to update your auto insurance?
  • What about your homeowners insurance?
  • Additional expenses you’ll need to budget for –mortgage, student loans, credit card debt, etc

A skilled LPL Financial Advisor, like those at Lake Michigan Investment Services, can be invaluable in helping you and your spouse to peel back the layers of your lives to uncover hidden assets and liabilities. Call Lake Michigan Investment Services today for a free, no-obligation review of your finances at (616) 234-6358 or visit LMCU.org/Investments.

Reaching 3% APY Max Checking Transaction Requirement Now Even Easier!

If you have LMCU’s Max Checking account, you know that you need to make at least 10 debit card transactions per month to reap 3% interest. Now, it’s even easier to get there. If you also have a LMCU credit card, like Prime Platinum or Max Rewards, you can use it to reach your 10 transaction minimum. If you use your credit card more than your Max Checking debit card, this is great news! You can tie one or the other (but not both), to the transaction limit.

This change goes into effect February 15, 2018. 

Log in to Online Banking and follow the steps below:

  • Step #1 - Click on the “Max Checking Status” link
  • Step #2 - Under the “Requirements” section, select which card you want to count towards the requirement. Make your selection and you’re done!