January 2, 2017

Retirement in the 21st century – a whole new ballgame

The financial landscape has changed. There is widespread concern about Social Security and employer-funded pensions have become rare. To prepare for this new vision of retirement, you need a realistic plan.

Retirement Income – Carefully plan your goals and focus on personal savings and investments. Seek the assistance of a professional financial planner.

Time – If retirement is close at hand, liquid investments that preserve principal may be most suitable. If retirement is years away, you may be able to include more aggressive investments.

Inflation – You may need some growth-oriented investments to keep up. Historically, stocks provide superior returns over bonds and cash equivalents, but generally involve greater short-term risk.

Taxes -- They will remain an important factor. Any income you earn might affect the amount of tax you pay on your Social Security benefits.

Contact LMIS by going online to lmcu.org/investments, or call (616) 234-6524 for a free, no obligation financial review of your unique situation.

Save Up To $20* on TurboTax - The smarter way to your biggest refund

This year LMCU members can save up to $20* on TurboTax federal products. Save $10 on the Deluxe edition, $15 on the Premier edition and $20 on the Home and business edition.
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High School Seniors: Enter to Win a $2,000 Scholarship

High school seniors* looking to improve their college financial outlook should take a serious look at applying for LMCU’s 27th annual Lloyd F. Hutt Scholarship. Seniors can enter to win one of ten $2,000 scholarships with a 750 – 1,500 word essay answering this year’s intriguing topic:

You have the entire country’s attention for one hour. What would you say?

Essays will be evaluated by an independent panel of judges, with attention the greatest attention paid to creativity, clarity and originality.

Application deadline: January 31, 2017
Winners announced: May, 2017

Entrants must complete an application available online at lmcu.org/hutt.

*All senior high school students are eligible for the program (except for LMCU employees, children of LMCU employees, directors or officers).
All applicants must be a resident of Michigan or Florida, or a member of Lake Michigan Credit Union, or the child of a Lake Michigan Credit Union member (i.e. a student in Texas must be a member/child of a member to be eligible).
All applicants must be high school seniors (includes home school students) and plan to enter a trade school, college or university in the next academic year. Recipients must submit evidence of acceptance and enrollment in an accredited trade school, college or university before payment will be made.