September 5, 2017

10 Things Everyone Should Know About 529 College Savings Plans

  1. Pays For More Than Just Tuition | Withdrawals can be used for any qualified higher education expense, including tuition, mandatory fees, supplies, books, computers or other required equipment, and even room and board.
  2. Ability To Change Beneficiaries | The beneficiary can be changed to a member of the immediate or extended family (including siblings, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and more).
  3. Control Of Assets | The account owner–not the beneficiary–maintains control of the assets, including how and when they will be used.
  4. Low Start-Up Costs | Many 529 plans allow account owners to contribute as little as $50 to open an account.
  5. Wide Range Of Schools | Accredited schools include any postsecondary college, university or vocational school that is eligible to participate in student aid programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education.
  6. No Income Restrictions | Anyone can open a plan regardless of income.
  7. Multiple Investment Options | Most 529 plans offer a wide range of investment choices allowing you to invest your assets in the portfolio that best suits your college investing goals.
  8. Convenience | You can create a monthly automatic investment plan, with portfolios that automatically rebalance as the beneficiary gets closer to college.
  9. Earnings Grow Tax Free | Earnings are free from federal income tax when withdrawn for qualified higher education expenses. Many states provide additional 529 state tax benefits to residents.
  10. Estate Planning | Five years’ worth of gifts (up to $70,000 for an individual or $140,000 if a married couple) can be made at once to a 529 plan without owing federal gift tax, as long as no other gifts are made to the same beneficiary over the five years.
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Fall Travel Show

-Dolphin Vacations-

Brought to you in partnership with Lake Michigan Credit Union Member Travel Club

Thursday, October 5, 2017
3:00 - 7:00 pm
Noto’s Old World Dining
6600 28th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI

With over 22 travel vendors, door prizes, and six informative breakout sessions, you’ll be sure to discover great deals on vacation and travel destinations. Stop by! Just for attending you’ll be entered for a chance to win the grand prize give away of seven nights at the Grand Palladium Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Second prize is a $300 Delta Vacations travel voucher! Plus, when you donate to the Food Drive for Feeding America West Michigan, you’ll be able to “spin the wheel” for an extra prize!

Hope to see you there!

Low Mortgage Rates Continue To Benefit First Time Home Buyers

Defying all expectations, the low mortgage rate just keeps rolling on. All new home buyers benefit, but especially first-timers looking to keep their monthly payments as low as possible.

If you’re a renter, consider putting that monthly rent payment toward something that can build value. These near historic low rates go a long way toward making homeownership affordable for those on the cusp. And with LMCU’s Guaranteed Low Mortgage Rates* and highly competitive closing costs, you could extend your borrowing power even further.

If you can afford to rent, you can usually afford to own. Talk to a home mortgage professional today at Lake Michigan Credit Union to see if home ownership makes sense for you.

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